Friday, July 15, 2011

The Maiden with the Wooden Bowl

              In an ancient days there lived an old couple with one only child. As the old man fell sick and died, they  became concerned for her daughter's future.

            The mother said that being an old feeble must follow him soon. Then she gave the bowl to her daughter and said that she always wear the bowl.

            As the old woman died, the maiden need to earn money for living so she worked on the rice fields. 
           She was known as the "Maiden with the Bowl on her Head". When there was a young man saw her, the man laughed at her and tried to peep under the vessel.

          One day a rich farmer saw her working in his rice fields, he was pleased with bent and busy when he saw the bowl, he didn't laugh. 

         The farmer bade her to become in-mate of his house to take care of his wife.

        One day a young man came to his father and said, who is the maiden in their house.
His father told the sad story.And the young man loved  her and asked to marry. But the Maiden said no because she is only a servant.

        As she go to sleep, she saw her mother in her dreams. Her mother told her that marry the farmer's son and all will be well again. And she marry the farmer's son.

        When all plans had been made for the wedding it was thought high time to remove the Wooden bowl on her head. `The farmer's son said not to worry who she is because whatever she has is so dear to him.
         As they drink the wine, the bowl on her head broke with a great noise and the gold and silver fall down.  With the removal of the bowl on the bride's  head,  her beauty was seen so clearly which made the crowd so amazed and concluded that she was the most beautiful woman throughout Japan.  


              Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  No two  person's perceptions are alike. What is beautiful to somebody may not be beautiful to someone else.  

                          the girl who always wore a Wooden Bowl
                          the mother of the maiden who gave the Wooden Bowl to protect her daughter when  she will gone.
             Young man
                          the man who saw the maiden wearing a Wooden Bowl and said that "her face is so ugly that it had be covered?"
             The Farmer
                          a rich farmer who had a rice fields and where the maiden worked.
              Farmer's son
                          the man who asked the maiden to marry her.
                          the one who narrates the story.

              In Japan

              Person vs. Person            
              Don't judge the person by it's outside beauty.      

              When they drink the wine, the maiden and the bowl on her head, broke with a great noise and fell from it a gold and silver. And the guests was amazed but they still more surprised when they chanced to look and see the bride was the most beautiful woman in all Japan.

Point of view: 
               Third Person, because the author uses the character's name like "he" or "she" to describe the character.

               We should not criticize the other people. Love others as others love you or we should beloved.

Moral Lesson:
               In our opinion, we should not judge a person on the outside beauty. Because some of person's beauty could not be seen through his face but could be found in the inner beauty which is through his heart.


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