Saturday, April 19, 2014


Starring at my ceiling waiting for the time of sleepin' its been 3hours of waiting why is it that my eyes wont stop blinking? Its past 12am but I'm still awake. I made this so I can make myself dizzy but seems like its already 12:30 and here I am listening to the songs on my playlist.

Is there someone whose bothering me or I just can't sleep.. Naah this song has nowhere to go even you wont and would never notice this song. A song that I composed while lying on my bed. I keep on texting anybody but it seems like  all of them are on dreamland already I think I am the only one left in reality =/ should I go out and count stars, or I just stay on my bed and think of things that make fall asleep instead. Oh the songs on my playlist keep on repeating 5 times already. Yawn Im sleepy I should finish this before I close my eyes and sleep. zzzZzzz :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How can this be? :/

Passing the road with my eyes close. Thinking of the things in the past that I enjoyed most. Seems like everything I see turns to gray. I don't think if it will change its color again or maybe it will remain dull and vague and chained.
I receive a text from you it says "How are you? Hope your okay." I want to reply back but it seems like my hands are shaking and can't type anything. So I turn off my phone pull out my iPod and listen to my favorite song to froget everything on my own.

I keep on reminiscing the past. To throwback all the memories we had. I just want to know if your doing this thing too so I can say I really miss you. Oh I miss you.

Something caught my attention a picture of lovers doing the love addiction. I just smile and pass them by but they said "why are you all alone? Aren't you have someone to go with you along?"  I just starred and then cross the line. How I wish you were here, so I wont be alone and wont shed a tear.... Because

I keep reminiscing the past. Too look back all the memories we had. I just want to know if your doing this thing I'm doing too so I can say I miss you. Oh I miss you.

So here I am lying on my bed. Writing this song composed by my head. Dedicating this song whom I can't forget. But it seems like.

I don't want to reminisce the past because it hurts me so much. Everytime I look back the times we had it keeps flashing back all the memories we had. And it hurt so much because its breaking my heart I wonder if you miss me too because all this time I really wanted to say how much I LOVED YOU!. Oh I LOVE YOU!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

It hurts the Fvck

I don't know why they treat me like this.. Something that is different. I wonder if this is really my family because it feels like I'm definitely different.  As what other family do, they treat their daughters/sons like an angel to take care off. Even if they are teens, they still manage to spend time and encourage them. But me, Shit! just a shit! How could you call it a act of encouragement if they underestimate you. I know that I am not perfect but they acting like I need to be perfect. How can I do that if I really can't? I'm too weak for those things. 
The other thing is, if I received a recognition, instead of cheering me up, The heck! they just letting me down and give some stupid and hurtful words.
God, how can I have a great, wonderful, and loving family? 

Monday, March 3, 2014


I never been in this place
Trying to pick up some mess 
I never thought this would be me 
Trying to find the person and wanting it back to me

How can you say forever
Even by now you leave me in danger
Trying to pick those pieces you left behind
So I can stand up and search again for the love of my life

Tell me what is this mess
Did I do something that makes you upset?
Or maybe you're trying to break it up
So you left without permission and know I am abandoned

Can't you hear I'm broken?
Can't you see I'm screaming calling out your name?
Are that dumb to feel nothing?
Or you're just pretending that nothing happens? 

Friday, February 28, 2014



We don't know when is the end.. As much as we live, there are lots of things we can do to cherish every moment of it. Do thing you haven't do because you don't know when will be the end of you journey so if you leave this world you wouldn't regret for you've done what you want to do in this world.. =)
Remember to keep the faith and Believe in GOD.. Because that makes you life happy and perfect if you have God with you.. You won't be empty and alone..

So LIVE with your dreams but don't forget to make it REAL.. for "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their DREAMS." 

~Kamsahamida! YEHET! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

"I Love you but you don't even know that I exist"

Just an ordinary Fan

Looking at you far away from my sight
Just to see your smile will make my sun shine bright
I never knew what came to my mind
That I couldn't get you out of it even I sleep at night.

Love is true but how it came to be blinded?
When even you're afar you the one I can see even if I'm not farsighted
How sweet it is to be loved by you.
But it hurt too much to be snob by you.

Tell me why it can't be
Why ocean is between you and me
Can I see you nearly?
Or would only my heart will admire you deeply.

Let me get straight away that I am only your fan
Whom you didn't know that I exist from another land
Who only looks you at pictures
But doesn't even touched your hand in figure stand.

Maybe I only dream of you
Holding you wanting you but never be kissing you
For its only a dream that is rarely come true
But my thought of you will never be fade even if stormy came through.

Saturday, September 22, 2012