Monday, August 31, 2015


The pain behind her SMILE.

She's smiling from ear to ear
Her eyes were bright and clear
She close her eyes and holds her breathe
To feel the presence of death.

She spread her hands and feel the air
Her selfless life that slowly appeared
She kneels down while spreading her wings
And bows' her head with tears.

She couldn't understand of what she felt
Her wings begins to fall down
She's happy but she don't know it
The feeling of pain that tardily kill her.

Her throbbing chest begins to malfunctioned
She wants to breathe freely but something is pulling it
She keeps on punching her heart and mentioned
The words that she kept for a thousand years. 


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bisayang Dako.


Ang kalibutan karon hastang paita
Laganap na ang mga tawong murag ampalaya.
Mag hisgot lang gani tag FOREVER
Mag hugot session na dayon sila.

Ang gugma hastang luoya
Daghan kaayog kaso sa ila
Bisag igo lang gani maglove sa tawong gihigugma
Si gugma na dayon ang pasanginlan kay dadto daw sila na trauma

Nagbaklay ko sa dalan uban ang barkada
Naa miy nakit-an mag-uyab nag inakbaya
Kalit lang silag syagit "WAY FOREVER! MAGBULAG RA JAPUN MO!"
Ako ray nauwaw sa ilang gi yawyaw

Ingon sila ang FOREVER murag imong kagwapa. ILUSYON LANG
Ang FOREVER daw ay isang interprestasyon ng taong nakadroga sa pag-ibig
 Maski man gani daw ang pagkaon naay expiry date
Gugma pa kahang nagsugod sa textmate

Ako intawon naglibog nalang
Kung unsa bajuy tuohan
Naa ba gyuy FOREVER sa kalibutan 
Or is it true na itoy isang ILUSYON lang. 

Bisayang Dako

Si Nene

Adunay babaeng nanginahanglan, 
Nene iyang pangalan
Nanginahanglan siyag gugmang way katapusan
Halos tanan niya barkada naa nay kauban
Siya nalang ang nabilin sa kawanangan

Si Nene dili kaayo gwapa ug adunahan
Ordinaryong babae lang na nagpuyo sa kalibutan
Adunahan siyag utok halos tanan iyang nabal-an
Pero sa gugma wa siyay nahibal-an.

Usa ka adlaw naay lalaking iyang nakit-an
Popoy daw iyang ngalan
Na love at first sight siya kay Nene samtang ga lakaw sa dalan
Iya kining gisundan ug gikuha ang iyang ngalan.

Sa pipila ka adlaw sila nag-uban,
Naginilhanay sila ug medyo close na sa usag-usa
Kada gabie nalang cgeg text2
Ug wa nay adlaw nga di sila magkita

Si Nene ug Popoy nag-uyab
Nagdugay sila ug pila ka buntag
Nagexchange na ug I LOVE YOU sa usag-usa
Ug napoy tawagan ICE CREAM ug MOCHA. 

Si Nene wa kabalo si Popoy naa na diay uyab kaniadto
Nakita niya usa ka gabie dadto sa plaza nag party party
Uban ang babae nga ang suot murag bra nalang ug panty
Gi pangutana ni Nene kinsa tong bayhana
Pero gi ingon ni Popoy na miga ra daw sila.

Medyo nihuot iyang dughan
Tungod atong gabieng si Popoy iyang nakit-an
Wala siya kabalo sa buhaton
Pero iya nalang gihilak sa punda sa iyang unlan

Wala na dayun ko kabalos sunod
Kay si Nene ni transfer nag eskwelahan
Wa na niya nakaya iyang balatian
Tungod kay Popoy feel niya mura siyag gibinuangan.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Another boring poem.

How Can I Tell you that I Love You! 

How can I tell you that I Love You
If you leave me and go
Things remain unspoken
Ever since you walked out the door.

The words I'm keeping inside
Still here waiting for it to be said
It feels so itchy in my heart
It gives me pain right from the start.

Where should I put this words
Should I let it flow in the river till the pain falls?
Or shall I let it float inside of me
And kill myself secretly.

But I thought of buying a balloon
Tie the note of love filled with gloom
I'll just let it fly till it reaches the sky
And let God and the birds keep it.

Spending my boring time.


A bottle of beer on my hand
Here at the corner I stand
Watching people having much fun
While here I am wandering around.

The music goes loud and loud
The people slowly getting drunk
And the bottle they holding in their hand
Slowly falling of the ground.

They started the game.
Its called kiss me in the pouring rain.
But that rain is not the water that fall from the skies.
But a rain that has a flavour paired with lime.

There are lots of people around me
But I'm alone starring at them blankly.
Just a statue standing silently
Hoping you'll end up with me. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Starring at my ceiling waiting for the time of sleepin' its been 3hours of waiting why is it that my eyes wont stop blinking? Its past 12am but I'm still awake. I made this so I can make myself dizzy but seems like its already 12:30 and here I am listening to the songs on my playlist.

Is there someone whose bothering me or I just can't sleep.. Naah this song has nowhere to go even you wont and would never notice this song. A song that I composed while lying on my bed. I keep on texting anybody but it seems like  all of them are on dreamland already I think I am the only one left in reality =/ should I go out and count stars, or I just stay on my bed and think of things that make fall asleep instead. Oh the songs on my playlist keep on repeating 5 times already. Yawn Im sleepy I should finish this before I close my eyes and sleep. zzzZzzz :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How can this be? :/

Passing the road with my eyes close. Thinking of the things in the past that I enjoyed most. Seems like everything I see turns to gray. I don't think if it will change its color again or maybe it will remain dull and vague and chained.
I receive a text from you it says "How are you? Hope your okay." I want to reply back but it seems like my hands are shaking and can't type anything. So I turn off my phone pull out my iPod and listen to my favorite song to froget everything on my own.

I keep on reminiscing the past. To throwback all the memories we had. I just want to know if your doing this thing too so I can say I really miss you. Oh I miss you.

Something caught my attention a picture of lovers doing the love addiction. I just smile and pass them by but they said "why are you all alone? Aren't you have someone to go with you along?"  I just starred and then cross the line. How I wish you were here, so I wont be alone and wont shed a tear.... Because

I keep reminiscing the past. Too look back all the memories we had. I just want to know if your doing this thing I'm doing too so I can say I miss you. Oh I miss you.

So here I am lying on my bed. Writing this song composed by my head. Dedicating this song whom I can't forget. But it seems like.

I don't want to reminisce the past because it hurts me so much. Everytime I look back the times we had it keeps flashing back all the memories we had. And it hurt so much because its breaking my heart I wonder if you miss me too because all this time I really wanted to say how much I LOVED YOU!. Oh I LOVE YOU!